Stars and Lentil Stuffed Portobellos

Hi all! So sorry there’s been radio silence. Life has been a bit crazy around here. Shakespeare is getting into everything and is an absolutely ornery one-year old. Goddess has been ever four and everything has been an argument. JimBob and I have actually decided to implement a star program. She gets four stars to start the day. If she’s been especially good or does a special task when we ask, she gets a star. If she’s being especially argumentative or does something naughty, she loses a star. So far the program is working. Each star earns her $0.25 and we tally it up at the end of the week. Last week she earned $8.00. She spent $4.00 on a coloring book and is saving the rest for later. I like the system because it’s also teaching her about money.

Now, onto what this blog is about: Food! Okay, maybe just one more detour. Let me tell you just a little bit more about me. When I’m not mothering or blogging, I am a network marketing professional. I teach and train others to earn money from home by selling amazing products from a company called Arbonne. Check it out at I’m not going to take over this post with promotion for my company, but if you’re interested, please shoot me an email at . (And if you want to buy some product, my Independent Consultant ID is 21190445.) ANYWAY, I am currently participating in the Arbonne 30-day Healthy Living Challenge. This challenge includes having a shake and healthy meals. These meals are gluten free, dairy free, and what I like to call vegan friendly. You don’t have to be vegan, but if you chose meat, it should be organic and cage-free. JimBob has agreed to participate during dinner, the other two meals are his own. Tonight we had Lentil Stuffed Portobellos. I found the recipe on It’s pretty good, but I think it may need some tweaking when made for two.

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Shakespeare’s 1st Birthday & 40 Clove Slow-Cooker Garlic Chicken

I can’t believe it. My baby boy turned a year old on Friday. My life is so full of love, sometimes I just don’t know what to do with myself.

We had his party at my parents’ house on Saturday and it was a hit! We did a lunch taco bar. What a great idea that was! We made up two kinds of taco meat (beef and turkey because JimBob has issues with gout), put out flour and corn tortillas, and individual bowls of fixings and BAM! Lunch. For the cake I made a s’mores cake. Graham cracker cake, found at here, marshmallow creme and chocolate ganache (found at here) and homemade marshmallow fondant found at here. The cake turned out like this:

DSCN7397 DSCN7455

Needless to say, Shakespeare loved it.


BUT, those are not the recipes I’m reviewing tonight. The recipe I’m reviewing tonight is this culinary masterpiece from It’s a 40 clove slow-cooker garlic chicken. OM NOM NOM!

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Pizza Subs + Seven Days to Better Behaved Kids – The End

Last week the Om Nom Family just had an amazing trip to Oregon to see Purl and Pianoman, JimBob’s parents. Unfortunately, JimBob had to work and he left on Sunday. After five days of being apart, we decided to unplug over the weekend and spend some quality Om Nom Family time together. Now that we’re home again, it’s back to the daily grind. After spending a week away from home, I was longing for some comfort food. So, I decided to go to my family’s standby: Pizza Subs. Now you’ll see a million versions of these on Pinterest, but my parents have been making these since before I was born. My mom got the idea from a restaurant they used to go to in the early 80’s, the aptly named: The Pizza Sub. Sadly, The Pizza Sub is long gone, but The Om Nom Mom Mom’s pizza subs live on. Many a birthday meal has been made up of these nummies.

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Seven Days to Better Behaved Kids – Day Three

And on we go with the One Week Fix For Bad Behavior article. Day Three is Walk the Walk. This step seems a bit unnecessary. Or rather, having to dedicate an entire day/step to remind parents to be a good role model seems to be a bit much.

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Seven Days to Better Behaved Kids – Day Two

Yesterday was “Don’t React” Day following the article The One-Week Fix for Bad Behavior and, believe it or not, yesterday wasn’t bad. Non-reaction seemed to help the four year old behaving like a good little girl. This morning, however, was a completely different story.

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Baked Chicken & Veggie Nuggets

Here I sit in my in-laws new home, and all I can think about is what the heck do I make for my new blog? I’m in a new home that is only partially unpacked, in an unfamiliar town, let alone an unfamiliar state, with unknown grocery stores. I asked the Goddess what she wanted to make, and, like any four year old, she said she wanted chicken nuggets. So, I sat and I thought about it for a little bit, and I thought “why not make them healthy?” With only a little bit of Pinterest searching, I quickly came across this lovely recipe from for Chicken & Veggie Nuggets. They looked tasty, and let me tell you, they were.


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Seven Days to Better Behaved Kids

Hi all! Sorry for the radio silence. Thursday and Friday the Om Nom Family and I drove up to foggy Newberg, OR to visit and help my in-laws, Purl and Pianoman, settle into their new home. It’s a tiny little town in Northern Oregon. I can’t say much about it, as I haven’t left the house much. I do plan on doing a recipe post or two this week, but for now I thought I would just give a little update.

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