About The Om Nom Mom

So who is the Om Nom Mom? My name is Valerie. I have an awesome husband, JimBob, and two amazing kids, Goddess and Shakespeare. No, those are not their real names, but internet anonymity and all that. The kids are named after a Goddess and a Shakespearean character respectively. And there’s one more on the way in February of 2017!


The Om Nom Family December 2014

I met JimBob in the fall of 2004 in a theatre lighting, and later a California History course at Ohlone College. He hit on me by asking me to let him take my picture. “I’m taking pictures of all the beautiful women around campus. Will you pose for me?” Pretty good line, right? Apparently, I’m the only girl to turn him down. We started dating shortly after. Engaged six months later, and married October 21st, 2006 at 22.


October 21, 2006


December 26, 2014

Four years later we decided to expand our family. I gave birth to my Goddess on December 19th, 2010. Life with her was amazing. I didn’t think I could be happier. Then I had Shakespeare on February 6th, 2014 and my heart filled almost to bursting with love. (Yeesh, what’s with this sap? I’m done for now. But wait until I start gushing when the third one comes along in a little bit!)

Goddess and Shakespeare

Before the kids, I was a machinist. For those of you who don’t know, that means use a lathe or mill to turn boring pieces of metal or plastic into something useful. With the birth of Shakespeare, JimBob and I decided it would be best for our family if I stay home with the kids. Since then I’ve been going mad (like most SAHM’s) chasing and educating my kids, keeping house, training my dogs (Marty and Mindy), and scouring the internet for crafts to make with the kids and new recipes that, perhaps, my monsters will eat.


Now, JimBob’s moms group… er… “parents group” has asked me to start this blog. Apparently he has been raving about all of the meals I make. Hence the creation of The Om Nom Mom blog. Personally, I don’t feel I’m a very good writer. I was a machinist For goodness sake. And I get distracted easily, so I don’t guarantee a regular schedule. But here goes nothing. I hope you like my blog, and you find something interesting here. If not, I hope you keep your opinions to yourself. Remember, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. 😀


The Om Nom Mom aka Valerie


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