Baby Clothes

What? Two posts in a day? Inconceivable!

Since The Goddess was born in Dec of 2010 I have kept every item of clothing that my children have worn, knowing that I planned on having three of these little darlings. Shakespeare was obviously a boy, that means I have hoarded A LOT of clothes in my garage. Girls sizes up to 5T and boys up to 2T (she’s in 6’s now and he’s in 3T). I do believe it’s about 15 large plastic buckets worth all in my garage.

I’ve known that baby #3 is a girl for about 3 months now, and a friend of mine had her baby boy about 2 months ago. I offered up my boy clothes, and she is finally ready to take some of the boy clothes off my hands. And since I’m going through clothes, and I’m less than 2 months away from delivery, I let my nesting instincts kick in a bit, and decided to pull out the early sizes for the baby.

That may have been a mistake.

In pulling down buckets, I realized that many of them (about 7) have not been sorted and were a mix of boy and girl clothes of all sizes. That means I have to sort through everything, reorganize, and re-bucket them. My poor living room is a wreck.

Going through these clothes has brought up a flurry of emotions. It is so hard to believe that my children are growing up so quickly. I can still remember my daughter fitting into all these newborn and 3 month clothes. I can still see my baby boy crawling across the floor in these plaid rompers. Parting with the boy clothes is harder than I ever thought it would be, because this means I am done having babies. This means my baby boy, and eventually even Baby #3 will be too, is too big to fit into these clothes any more.

One of the hardest, most heart breaking, most enchanting things about having children is watching them grow up. First they smile. They laugh. They roll over. They sit. They crawl. They walk. They talk. They run. They turn into these amazing young people right in front of your eyes. It’s magic.

I’m devastated that I won’t be needing these baby boy clothes any longer. And I will be again as Baby #3 grows out of hers as well. But I am in awe of my beautiful children and I am excited to see what amazing young people they turn out to be.

/end sappy post

Om nom on, people. And give those babies, no matter how old they are, a hug.


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