Momspiration #1

I’ve had a thought of writing a book for a few years. I haven’t really felt the motivation to actually sit down, so instead I thought I would jot it down here. The idea is to make a motivational guide for moms. Some will be for women, or even just people, in general, but many will apply to women with families. One quote per day with a little bit of pep talk. I’m not sure if this will work, but here goes. 

“Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.”

– Esther 4:14

Every day you wake up is a new day with new chances to create new memories and new experiences. Every breath you take is a new opportunity to do good. Every second allows you to change the outcome of the day.

Simply because one thing may not have gone as expected, does not mean your day needs to be ruined.

Sit back.

Take a second.


And start again.

Every single day can be lived to your fullest potential. If you don’t like the way things are going, if you don’t want to be angry, sad, frustrated, irritated, etc, then you can change it. Take the moment to become the you that you want to be.

This moment, this very one, is for you. It is your moment.

Seize  it and show the world why you are here.


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