Chicken Bacon Bites

The first thing JimBob did once I finally caved into the idea of writing a recipe review blog was beg me to do a recipe from Specifically, he begged me to review this recipe of Chicken Bacon Bites aka Heaven on a stick. Personally, I’m a little wary, as I’m not a fan of pineapple, but chicken and bacon and chili powder and brown sugar are all amazing, so why not? It also just so happens that today is JimBob’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JIMBOB!


Before I get to the recipe, I’m going to hit you with this not-so-little note. I have scoured the interwebs and read hundreds if not thousands of recipes on blogs just like this, and one of my biggest pet peeves is that they always, ALWAYS put the recipe at the very end. Yes, I get it. Some of the people who write these blogs are incredibly talented writers, and the pictures they take can be STUNNING, but I want to know exactly what is going into these amazing pieces of culinary art that you are so carefully crafting, and I want to know that before I waste spend my valuable time (it is valuable! I juggle being a mom, housecleaner, chef, seamstress, handywoman, and a million other jobs all at the same time!) on reading your lovely work of art. IF I like the ingredients, then I will go on to read your hints, tips, and instructions. Many times I scroll back up to see just how you did what the recipe says you did, but so very often I scroll past all of that carefully written, artfully placed mumbo jumbo just to see the recipe and it is SO not something that I or my family would eat. So! On my blog, the recipe is going to go first. I am not an amazingly talented writer. I am not a photographer extraordinaire (that’s my cousin). So, if you actually want to go through my step-by-step, GO FOR IT! If you want to skip it and just read the recipe, GO FOR IT! More power to you! Spend your valuable however you want. Find that cure for cancer, repair your ’62 Chevy Corvair, sew that memory quilt, or read my blog and make the awesome food that I am putting before you.

And now, without further ado, I give you Cooking Comically’s:

Chicken Bacon Bites (aka Heaven on a stick)

Prep time: 10 min before the fridge, 20 min to put it all together and 2 hours in between

Bake time: 40 min

2 CHICKEN BREASTS cubed into 1″ pieces


2/3 cup BROWN SUGAR (you make me feel so good, yeah!)

1 1/2 tbsp CHILI POWDER

1 pound BACON!





Once you have cubed your chicken, place it in a small resealable bag with the 1 cup pineapple juice. Caution: if you use a small sandwich resealable bag, it will be mighty full, so seal it carefully as to not spill the pineapple-y chicken all over you. Place that bag in the refrigerator. (Technically, I put mine in a bowl in the refrigerator, but I HATE cleaning up spills. If you trust your bag, then do what you do.) Let that sit in your fridge for 2 hours. This gives the pineapple a chance to break down and tenderize your meat… er… chicken.

DSCN7067 DSCN7070 DSCN7073
Next, mix the brown sugar (you make me feel so good, yeah!) and the chili powder in a bowl and set to the side. You’ll also want to cut your bacon into thirds.

After your 2 hours, take the chicken out of the fridge. I poured mine into that handy oh-God-please-don’t-spill bowl. Line your cookie sheet with a piece of aluminum foil for easy clean up, and place the cooking rack on top.


Preheat your oven to 350F.Then take a piece of chicken, wrap it in a piece of bacon and stick it with a toothpick.


Next, drunk your bacon-wrapped-pineapple-y-chicken-on-a-stick and sort of roll/dunk it in the brown sugar (you make me feel so good, yeah!) mixture. This part is messy and tedious. Goddess helped me out with the dunking. We discovered that it’s best to sort of pile the brown sugar (you make me feel so good, yeah!) mixture on top and then gently shake off the chicken over the bowl.

DSCN7090 DSCN7101

Place your bacon-wrapped-pineapple-y-chicken-on-a-stick-dunked-in-brown-sugar-you-make-me-feel-so-good-yeah onto the rack. Repeat over and over until you have a whole bunch of those amaze-balls-of-nummy-ness on your rack.


As you can see, I had some leftover chicken, bacon, and brown sugar (you make me feel so good, yeah!) mixture and not enough space on my rack. I combined the three and fried them up. Served over rice, this was om-nom-tastic!

DSCN7123 DSCN7134-1

Bake those suckers for about 40min.


Let them cool for as long as you possibly can (about 5 minutes) and nom on! I cut up a couple crowns of broccoli to steam, and cooked up some brown rice to complete the meal.


Onto the scoring:

Prep: 2.5 om noms (out of 5)

It’s a bit of a pain to cut the chicken and then leave it for 2 hours. This is in no way an “Oh my God, my insides are melting! Someone feed me now!” sort of meal. The wrapping and dunking was rather dirty work. Goddess was able to help, but it didn’t hold the 4 year old’s attention.

Bake: 4 om noms

It’s not a super fast bake, but it’s not horrible either. For something that’s essentially an appetizer, I would have liked a faster bake, but that would require higher heat and then these delicious delicacies would be burned.

Tastiness: 5 om noms

At first I had the fan on in the kitchen, so I didn’t smell the baking process, but then I opened the oven door to peek and OH MY MOTHER OF PEARL! It was like heaven. And they tasted it too. Just like says, these are heaven on a stick.

JimBob: 4 tasties

JimBob says: The amount of prep-work that went into making these was more than I thought it would be initially. But the kid was able to get involved in the cooking process, which I liked. The complete meal was for the most part finger foods, which made it a little easier to work with for wrangling the kids and my dinner at the same time. Tasted great, though, and I would definitely do these again, though probably not as an independent meal.

Goddess: 1 yummy, that’s good!

My fickle 4 year old took one bite and declared these spicy. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE HER WORD FOR THIS! As most parents of 4 year olds will tell you, once they discover an adjective that they think is negative, they will use it for EVERYTHING. The other day, my kisses were spicy, her toy was spicy, and the cat was spicy. Now, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t have any jalapeno poppers that day, her toy wasn’t dipped in hot sauce, and I really hope she wasn’t trying to lick or bite the cat. She’s been in a mood today, like most days, and decided that broccoli and rice was a much better choice (granted, it was the healthier choice on her plate today) for dinner tonight.

Shakespeare: Not Applicable

Little dude isn’t much of a carnivore yet as he’s in the process of teething in his first molar. Soon, SOON my son will be nomming on things that are on sticks. But until then, nope. Just nope. Let him survive his first birthday first.

Once A Week, Every Other Week, Once A Month, Once A Year, or Never Again?

I would say once a month or so. Definitely during football season.


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4 thoughts on “Chicken Bacon Bites

  1. Tina January 22, 2015 at 7:29 AM Reply

    I found you through your husband on a fb parents group… love it! I’ll be keeping tabs on your blog. You write just the way I read. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Om Nom Mom January 22, 2015 at 8:16 AM Reply

      Thanks for the comment! You must be part of why I’m writing this blog. I hope you enjoy the blog and find some yummy food. 😀


  2. Kim January 29, 2015 at 8:14 AM Reply

    And this from the little girl who (used to?) like spicy food! I know I’ve seen her eat spicier things than I prefer, and didn’t you all tell me she used to love Ti food? lol


    • The Om Nom Mom January 29, 2015 at 8:19 AM Reply

      Spicy is her hot button word. Any time she doesnt like something, it’s spicy. Drives me crazy.


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